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Up-and-Coming Athlete Elisa Gendron Belen Excels in Racing

Elisa Gendron Belen has proven herself as a competitive force in the world of motorsports. Over the past two years, she has secured multiple regional titles in ASRA/CCS racing, showcasing her skills and determination.In 2022, Elisa achieved something extraordinary by clinching 40 podium finishes in 40 races. Her consistency and talent were on full display, leaving a lasting impression on the racing community.

For the past two seasons, Elisa has been a fully sponsored rider in the International Latin American Women's Cup in Mexico. Among competitors from 20 countries, she achieved an impressive overall top-ten finish, earning recognition for her abilities.Elisa considers herself fortunate to have the privilege and opportunity to race motorcycles professionally. She cherishes the support she receives from her team and sponsors, recognizing the hard work and sacrifices that go into her success.

Beyond her competitive spirit, Elisa is known for her warm smile and kind words of encouragement. She exemplifies sportsmanship and strives to uplift her fellow racers.This weekend, Elisa Gendron Belen, sponsored by Bilmola, will participate in the Italika International Women's Cup in Mexico City. The event will be held at the famous Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez race track and is sanctioned by Racing Bike Mexico and FIM Latin America.As Elisa takes on this new challenge, her fans eagerly anticipate another impressive performance. Her talent, determination, and positive attitude serve as an inspiration to aspiring racers worldwide.

We wish Elisa the best of luck in the Italika International Women's Cup as she continues to shine brightly in the world of motorsports.


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