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"Driven by passion: a closer look at the life of aspiring racer Chris Clark"

At Bilmola USA we’re passionate about racing and we know the future of the sport lies with young athletes who have already shown the speed and grit it takes to make it to the top. That’s why we’re super-excited to be the official helmet sponsor for Chris Clark, who’s competing in the 2023 MotoAmerica Junior Cup. We’d like you to get to know him, so we sat down for an interview, which we’re sharing below. Like us, you’ll likely be surprised at some of Chris’s answers to our questions

When did you start racing motorcycles?

I started racing motorcycles when I was 12

What do you love most about motorcycle racing, and how does it feel to be on the track?

My favorite part about racing is the strategy during the races and race weekends. I enjoy the strategy because after a long race going back and forth with other riders, nothing is better

than winning by using your head to outsmart all the others.

What inspired you to become a motorcycle racer, and when did you first realize you wanted to


Watching MotoGP races with my brother and my dad is what inspired me to race. I

remember watching and looking up to all the racers and wanting to do what they do.

Can you tell us about your racing team and which class you race in Motoamerica?

Answer : I’m racing in the Motoamerica Junior Cup with Karns Performance racing. I’m on a really

good team that is super supportive and believes in me.

What is your favorite track to race on, and why do you enjoy it?

Answer : Because of the long straights and big elevation, my favorite track to race at is Road

Atlanta. At Road Atlanta, it is really important to strategize, to think ahead, and plan for how I

want to approach the last lap.

Besides motorcycle racing, what other sports or activities do you enjoy participating in?

I enjoy watching and playing basketball, football,and hockey. Before I started racing, I played AAU basketball for my whole life. I still enjoy playing basketball in my free time.Solving rubicks cubes is also one of my passions, I have over 50 in my collection.

What are some of the biggest highlights of your career as a motorcyle racer?

My biggest accomplishment in motorcycle racing is definitely being invited to the RedBull Rookies Cup tryout in 2022. Although I didn’t make it, I learned a lot that has helped me since.Racing at COTA for the North American Talent Cup is one of my highlights. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget.

Do you have a personal quote or motto, and if so, how does it relate to your motorcycle racing

career and life in general?

A general rule that I follow in not just racing but my life as well is to always be honest

with myself about what I am bad at so that I can always be improving and keep moving forward.

Credit Pictures - Brian J Nelson

- Fred Clark


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