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Travis Wyman's Buddy 3 helmet: Inspired by his golden retriever and the American flag.

Introducing the Bilmola RC-1 Buddy 3 helmet, a one-of-a-kind racing helmet inspired by MotoAmerica racer Travis Wyman's love for his golden retriever dog "Buddy" and American Flag.

The "Buddy3" helmet features a bold and patriotic graphic design that pays homage to the iconic American flag. The design incorporates the classic colors of red, white, and blue, as well as stars and stripes, all in a sleek and stylish arrangement that's sure to turn heads on the track.But the inspiration for the Buddy 3 doesn't stop there. The helmet also features a nod to Travis Wyman's beloved golden retriever, Buddy. That makes this helmet truly special. With an image of Buddy on top of the helmet, this design is a true expression of Travis's love for his furry best friend.

So whether you're a fan of Travis Wyman, a lover of golden retrievers, or simply a proud American, Let's show our support for Travis Wyman as he tears up the track with his Buddy 3 helmet. Way to Go Travis ! #buddy3 #traviswyman10 #bilmola #bilmolausa #motoamerica


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