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Bilmola USA Racers Come in All Sizes

Our Bilmola USA Racer Support Program is proud to present two rising stars in the industry: Chris Clark and Mahdi Salem. Both Chris and Mahdi will be wearing Bilmola USA in the MiniCup MotoAmerica 2021.

Chris Clark

Chris is a young star on the Travis Wyman team based out of Fairfax, VA. In 2020, his first year in the adult mini-classes, he won both the F2 and F3 championships. This year, he’s looking to win the 2021 Motoamerica Mini Cup. Make sure to follow him on Instagram

Madhi Salem

Madhi is a 10-year old superstar based out of New Jersey racing with Historic GP. Last year, he placed 3rd at the Motul Minicup, and is getting faster and faster with each race. Stay up to date on his blooming racer journey on Instagram @madisalem91.

Bilmola USA Racer Chris Clark on right.

Stay tuned for more updates on #BilmolaUSA #MotoAmericaMiniCup and our #RC1 helmet.

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