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Another Victory For Bilmola USA

Today, official Bilmola USA racer Fraser Rogers (@fraserrogers89 placed 2nd in the Brands Hatch race at BSB, after initially qualifying at P3. This is another huge victory for Fraser as well as Bilmola USA -- proving our passion and performance on the track. Join us in congratulating the rising racing star, and check out our social pages to see more photos and videos from the event: @bilmolausa.

Fraser Rogers Coming in Hot

Good Things Ahead for Bilmola USA

After launching earlier this year, we are beyond thrilled that we are able to work with such a talented racer like Fraser who represents Bilmola USA to the fullest. We're looking to finish off this racing season strong and with more momentum than ever. Cheers to and stay tuned for more updates from us ahead as we continue our launch of our RC-1 (Racing Concept One) #forgedcomposite racing helmet.


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